Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hello World

Welcome to DarkBlackNetSite! Brought to you by the popular lifestyle blog PoundExclaim #!

DarkBlackNetSite was created to explore fringe ideas, conspiracies, and offer conjecture on topics that are too dark/black/secret/tinfoilhat for the colorful pages of PE#! Our hope is that this will become a lively forum for discussing the hidden side of life. As the site evolves, expect to read about shadow governments, secret societies, powerful corporations, hidden agendas, strange coincidences, the paranormal, and more!

If you love X-Files, Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Will Smith's Enemy of the State, and your one crazy uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, then you're going to love DarkBlackNetSite.


  1. Yes, Reader. You are correct. I should have listed Shia LaBeouf's Eagle Eye instead of Enemy of the State. You have a sharp mind! You belong here!

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