Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tila Tequila's Twitter Feed

Some of you might remember Tila Tequila from whatever MTV show she was on like a decade ago. But most of  you don't know that she died in 2012 and has been replaced with a clone. A clone which happens to be a cyborg Russian spy. And all of you are sitting at home, mind controlled, and all you want to to is "SHARE COCA COLAS N S***"

Publicity stunt, or gone crazy? Check out her Twitter feed @AngelTilaLove and read some of the stuff she is tweeting. It's legendary. Here is an imgur album with some screen grabs.

While this might seem fun and silly, it's common to see celebrities go off the deep end. Brittney Spears went nuts. Amanda Bynes fell off. Lindsay Lohan, obviously. It's unfortunate. Are these people crazy to begin with? Is it a result of fame? The pressures of Hollywood? Or is it something more sinister. These young people are disposable vessels for the men in charge and they need to be disposed of so that fresh meat can be brought in.

Fact: MK-Ultra

What is Hollywood if not a powerful propaganda machine? People love consuming media. Media sets the tone of the national narrative. Whoever controls the media controls the populace. Is it the US Government? Is it secret NAZI's?

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