Monday, February 15, 2016

Beyoncé, The New Illuminati, & You

Disclaimer: This verges into celebrity gossip more than conspiracy. But a valued reader requested that I examine the topic and I thought it was interesting enough to pursue.

Old v. New Illuminati

Qualifier: if you're reading this site then I know you've read Dan Brown's breakout hit, the great American best selling novel, The Da Vinci Code. So then you are familiar with the old Illuminati. They were a sacred secret organization dedicated to acting as the hands that pull the puppet strings in the theater of the world stage puppet show. They spawned many popular secret society branch groups, such as The Knights Templar, and well...just pick up a book and educate yourself.

The New Illuminati are a group of musicians who also read The Da Vinci Code and thought it sounded cool and wanted to form their own secret society called the Illuminati and then flaunt it very publicly by frequently making triangle signs and pointing to their eyeball. The goal of the new Illuminati is to control the music industry. Which, I guess, squad goals af?

Carter Family

Two notable members of this secret society are Jay-Z Carter and Beyoncé Knowles. Jay-Z killed Tupac and runs New York. He's not a businessman, he's a business, man. Beyoncé makes music to brainwash young men/women to support the blood diamond trade and eat at Red Lobster. They are married and have a baby named Blue Ivy Carter. Get it? Like Blue IV, blue 4, because all of jayz's albums are called Blueprint [number]. Like a blueprint is an architectural plan and his albums are a plan to run the music industry. And Carter like cartography like making maps. Hmm, Knowles : Know Less. Hmm.

In further celebrity gossip, the power couple is having marital troubles and they hope to fix their relationship problems by having another kid. This always works well. Historically, kids are a great way to save a relationship in trouble. And they have apparently found a surrogate mother to have the baby for them. Not a big deal, right? Lots of people do this for various reasons. They are busy people with a lot of stressors or maybe they've tried on their own with no success. That's not the issue for baby #2 (Blue Vee? Bluevé?).

False Pregnancy?

Things start to get fishy when you look at their first child, though. Beyonce (i'm tired of doing that accent aigu) was very public about her being pregnant. She appeared on television talk shows with her baby bump. But was that a charade? A big facade? A lie to the public? Let's take a look.

Illuminati confirmed? [x-files theme music]

As she goes to take a seat, her stomach deforms and appears to deflate. This fuels the fire of the fake pregnancy debate. Short of actual photo evidence of a prosthetic this sequence of images is fairly convincing.

To refute this claim, the illuminati released this blurry, doctored photograph showing a swollen Knowles.

It's difficult to trust anything in this era of powerful image manipulation software. But so why would ThePowersThatBe want us to believe that Beyonce actually had a child? Why fake this? Why?

Exploring The Whys

Beyonce is definitely a sex symbol and maybe she is infertile and those things don't gel in the narrative that the Illuminati wants to present. Maybe Jay-Z impregnated someone else and the fakery was because of #TraditionalAmericanValues. There's little question that the child is JayZ's based on resemblance:

What if Beyonce lies about her age? Like she is much older and her sister, Solange, is actually her daughter but they were raised as sisters. And this is Solange's baby and Beyonce's granddaughter. But Solange has her own children so why would Beyonce need to try to cover that up? Unless, again, Jay-Z is the father and, again, #traditionalfamilyvalues.

Well let's ask her doctor or a nurse. Surely there was at least one person that saw everything. No one is talking. Illuminati death threats?

Clone Theory

Why? Maybe this was an experiment in human cloning and Blue is JayZ's clone and it had to be covered up for ethical reasons. So then was the clone grown in a lab? I would think that the way to grow a genetic clone would still be in a live human womb. Was Beyonce too high profile to host the clone? Like if something went terribly awry they couldn't just sweep it under the rug. Or maybe cloning requires a recently deceased host mother hooked up to tubes and electrodes in a lab. This theory is making the most sense so far, aside from her actually being pregnant and the photo looked weird. Or that she did have a surrogate, but for celebrity reasons tried to hide that fact. People can do strange things when there are cameras pointed at them at all times.

The Bible Connection

According to the Bible there was a woman, Mary, who gave virgin birth. The child, immaculately conceived, grew up to be the savior of man, Jesus Christ.

I don't know the personal details of Jayz and Bey, but I assume that since they are married they had to consummate and, presumably, have subsequently engaged in sex acts. But so maybe it's the opposite of Jesus' birth, and Blue Ivy is the anti-Christ. And instead of a human giving birth to God's son, Satan gave birth to a human's daughter. Do you see how they're perfect compliments, like Yin and Yang? Opposites, but forever entangled as one.

And so while Satan was pregnant, Beyonce had to pretend. And that would also explain why on different occasions she gave wildly varying due dates and progress reports because Satan's gestation period isn't known. All of the deception makes sense with Satan being the master of deception. So it's reasonable to predict that Blue Ivy will bring about the End Of Times.


So finally, in summary, I conclude that there is not much conspiracy here. There may have been a public deception, but given the high-profile nature of these peoples' lives and their desire for some privacy I do not think it is unwarranted. I can't see this as part of a master plan or greater act of deception or quest for power.

I like the idea of human cloning and how it might be approached in a real-world environment. But again, if experiments were being conducted they most certainly would not be this high profile. Unless the process had already been proven and this was a way to subtly/gradually get the public psyche on-board with such an ethically problematic endeavor.

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