Tuesday, August 23, 2016

McDonalds Activity Tracker Happy Meal or Conditioning Children For The Surveillance State

People who eat McDonald's don't care about their health

This past week the McDonald's fast food restaurant announced that it would be including activity monitor bracelets in their Happy Meals. Why pay $200 for a name-brand fitness tracker when you could get one for free with your delicious gooey cheesy burger, piping hot fresh french fries, and ice cold refreshing Coca-Cola soda pop?

In less than 24 hours McDonald's recalled nearly 30 million fitness trackers because the (low-grade?) plastic was reacting with human skin causing rashes.

Example of what a rash on the wrist might look like if the dangerous toys are in fact harming children

That's the news part. And before I get to the conspiracy part, I just want to point out what a great opportunity it would be for McDonald's to team up with presidential candidate Donald Trump. Both are great American icons. There is probably a huge overlap in people who eat at McD's and are planning on voting for Trump. Both have "donald" in their names. Imagine a McDonald's Trump Tower Sandwich, aka, McTrump. It's the most exquisite burger ever made, trust me I know burgers. A tower of meat covered in cheese and topped with a golden bun. It's huge. People love the McTrump.

[Archive footage]

So these activity trackers are, ostensibly, part of McDonald's plan go re-imagine itself as a health conscious alternative to the McD's of yore in an ever changing food climate. I have seen commercials for recipe changes happening (by 2025) that include removing HFCS from the bread, using real eggs, using real beef, and so on. They've given themselves a 10 year window because it's a big supply chain adjustment to make for a big restaurant, but there is also the potential for people to forget/not care/legal loopholes exempting them from honoring their promises. Read the press release here.

These activity trackers. In general, they're a bit of a bubble right now. A burgeoning boom to stroke the fantasies of people who want to make life changes, but really have no determination to actually do so. And it's so easy now with all of the technology we have. Check out the App Store or Amazon and you'll see no shortage of options that tell you how many steps you've taken today. So on the one hand, McDonald's could just be riding the hype train--it's another grasp to stay relevant in a society ashamed of themselves for ever loving it. Badadabaadaaa!

[Side bar: Speaking of jingles, I've been wanting to address one of their newer jingle promotions "Lemme get a McPick 2!" It's a song to condition rude behavior from patrons. What happened to "may I please have a gooey double cheeseburger, a large hot crispy fries, and a refreshing ice cold Coca-Cola? yes, for here. Ketchup please. Oh I get it myself? Okay" or "I'd like a number 2 plz"...? (You'll have a number 2 alright! (poop joke)) These poor workers working a crappy job for low pay and a long line of rude people that are all "uuuh...yeah, lemme get a pick 2 w/ a lrg fries, apple pie, big mac...what u mean i cant get big mac? it says mc2 i wanna big mac lemme get it!"
This might get a longer exploration on PoundExclaim]

Anyways, it's either McD's trying to stay relevant or there is something more nefarious happening. Something darker with ulterior motives. Let's do a little alphabet soup here: CIA FBI NSA DEA DHS ATF MCDs! Could there be ties between McDonald's and government agencies?

Let's look at the basics of activity trackers. What do they do? Track activities. The McD's tracker is cheap and has limited functionality. It's probably just a simple pedometer. It's difficult to know for sure since all evidence of this existing information has been destroyed by McDs as part of the recall. Pictures show a LCD readout, a soccer button, a tennis button, and a power button. A second option appears to remove the screen and instead have a jump rope button. Basically a pedometer.

This toy is meant to get children conditioned to always wear a tracking device! By the time they are teens with disposable incomes, or adults that need to keep up with the Joneses, their trackers will be more advanced and include things like GPS and voice recognition (always-on microphones for constant surveillance). And they'll feel naked without it. And each tracker will be tied to an account tied to their email/facebook so they can easily conveniently keep track of all of our activities, except really it's so the government can know all about every single thing you do and everywhere you are at all times and you're fine with it!

Before long these will be mandatory as part of universal health care coverage under the guise that they will track our health so we get get better premiums from forced health insurance policies. And they'll know our whereabouts, life signs (heartrate, bloodpressure, and probably more as science advances) and then how long until it's no longer a oneway street of sending out information and someone in some washington office can press a button to administer a toxin or "vaccine" and basically control every person!

This is a slippery slope. We'll be microchipped like cattle and led to the slaughterhouse.

So why did the McD's trackers get pulled if its part of the New World Order Agenda21 plan to monitor the citizens? Is the story about the rash a cover so we won't ask questions. Or was there interference with the plan from an outside agency. It's no secret that there is in-fighting between Govt organizations. Maybe this was a CIA operation and the FBI is squashing it. Does Snowden have docs on McDFit aka Operation FattyTracker. Will we see a wikileaks on the real reasons behind this, or maybe a mention of it in Hillary's deleted emails.

I posit that the plan was as outlined above (track citizens, conditioned behavior) but that these devices were made in China and the Chinese infiltrated the hardware with bug to intercept activity transmissions through an invisible backdoor. Someone in the CIA discovered this but it was too late and the products were already being shipped out. Only 70 kids got rashes out of 30 million units. That could easily have been done covertly on the local level by trained agents.

So what will happen to the recalled units? Will they be destroyed, or fixed and re-issued. Maybe sent to Africa KONY 2012. Even if they cost pennies a piece to manufacture, if you include all of the planning and marketing, this is a huge expense for McD's. Maybe preferential to a class-action lawsuit. But they're totally eating this in the face like double fisting McTrumps. It just doesn't add up.

Anyone out there with inside knowledge that can shine some light on this conspiracy?

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