Friday, January 26, 2018

A Deeper Darker Look at What Erykah Badu Said About Hitler and Why It Is A Government PSYOP

If you're anything like me you spend 6-18 hours per day consuming media and advertisements--trying to suss out the FAKE NEWS and also decide which products you need to purchase to enhance your otherwise dull and meaningless life as a tax-paying citizen. Well this week there was a gossip column story that caught my attention (and also the attention of "media" outlets that like to quote Tweets, attach a clearly biased and editorialized opinion, and call it news).

So earlier this week the singer-songwriter-performer Erykah Badu said some things about the comedian Bill Cosby and Adolf Hitler. These are two names you often see in the same sentence. Badu was being interviewed by Vulture magazine (heheeh, appropriate for the way media feeds on...uh, wait a second..or are we the readers the vultures for our insatiable bloodlust, feeding on every morsel of decay these rags serve up? omg i'm having a mental breakdown). And anyways the interviewer asked if she was able to separate art from artist.

You know, like, Bill Cosby was a hilarious comedian and friendly familial figure who helped break social and racial barriers until very recently when allegations of drugging women, rape, and sexual abuse, etc tarnished his image. People grew up laughing with this man and looking up to him as a positive role model and now we find out that he has probably done some pretty monstrous and unsavory things all the while (not yet proven in the court of law). ((I'm being reductionist here for sake of brevity, please don't attack me for not giving proper gravity to his treatment of women; we are all familiar with this story by now anyways.))

And so in answer to the question posed Badu responded that she tries to see people as a whole and that none of the small things that a person has achieved or otherwise perpetrated define them as an entire being. They are facets of a personality--some to be praised, and others to be admonished. There are good parts of Bill Cosby that we want to celebrate despite of other flaws.

The reporter, as reporters do, pressed on and asked about Hitler. What about him? Are there good parts to Hitler? Such a bait question. Because of course she said like, yeah there were good parts to Hitler. She called him a wonderful painter (to which the interviewer said "NO HE WASNT!")

[You can read the full interview here]

You could get pretty philosophical here about good acts and bad acts and the size of those acts or what percentage of you life you were committing those acts and so on. That's not the point. I just wanted to lay the groundwork for the real conspiracy here.


Everyone knows that the government has a very heavy influence over the media. I posit that this interview was created or sanctioned by one of the alphabet soup agencies to sway public opinions and perceptions. It is a perfect storm.

1. People are emotionally & mentally vulnerable. Everyone's heroes are falling. In the past few years it started with "early/unexpected/overdose deaths" of peoples' favorite actors and musicians (Bowie, Petty, Peter Falk, Prince, etc). In the past year people's celebrity idols are all falling to accusations of sexual misconduct. All it takes is an allegation and the property is toxic and must be dropped! hashtag trending topics

2. So it's the perfect time to get people thinking about "well it's not a black and white world, or is it, or are there Fifty Values on the Grayscale?" Maybe some bad things aren't so bad if you consider the whole. Or accomplishments have greater weight when measuring the value of a person rather than their failures. Everyone fails afterall. We're just human.

3. Who is the worst person in all of history? If you don't take a second to think about it, like 98% of everybody are going to say Hitler. Historians or people who start to think more deeply will throw out some other answers of terrible people in history, but Hitler is the posterchild for abhorrent actions. It's actually cliché and honestly a little bit gauche at this point.

4. Who are less bad people in history who we might view in a disfavorable light? Surely some politicians. Can anyone think of any recent WAR CRIMINALS? Like maybe, oh I don't know...GEORGE W BUSH!

So Erykah gets you thinking about how Hitler was bad, but hey he was a pretty talented painter. You know who else is--surprisingly--a somewhat not totally untalented painter who might have done bad things while in political power? GEORGE W BUSH. He did 9/11 (FACT) along with Dick "The Penguin" Cheney and assundry Zionist cabals. Surely Bush is no Hitler. Yeah no actually he seems like a pretty down to earth dude. I'd crack a cold one with the 43rd.

This whole PSYOP is to alter the public's opinion on W. To soften the edges. They're trying to re-write the record! History is written by the winners right?

Next thing you know, they'll have us believing that it wasn't George HW Bush who assassinated JFK!

I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but it is! This kind of stuff is around us all of the time. The government wants your brain and your tax dollars. The media wants your brain and your consumer goods dollars.

At a later time I will make a separate article that examines Hitler's paintings and Bush's paintings and whether or not they are of artistic merit.

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